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From a South River aviator...

In the Autumn of 2016, I was backtracking on 04 at CPE6. An object on the runway caught my attention. Steering towards it, I saw it was a rather large feather from apparently, a large raptor. I taxied up to it, shut down my engine and got out. Having no stowage on my open cockpit plane, I shoved the feather under my shirt and proudly shared the next hour and a bit with part of a fellow aviator tucked between my shirt and chest. When I got home, I rested it in a place of honour amongst some of my other treasures.

During the Winter doldrums of 2017, I started researching bird books to see what raptor my feather came from. I had no luck. Book after book turned up no clue of the feather’s donor. By the Spring of 2017 my curiosity was getting the better of me and I started to spread out my research into other possible large birds. I finally found a book that identified my treasured feather. The donor was a wild turkey. At first I was disappointed that my treasure wasn’t from a noble bird. However, within a very short while I came to my senses and realized my great privilege of being able to share any part of flying with other creatures no matter their perceived status.

I still display my treasured feather and while I proudly soar with the eagles, I just as proudly taxi with the turkeys.

Gary Blanchett

Director Flight 23


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