Model Airplane decore

A Happy Camper with his newly minted model

link provided above to obtain a possible treasure of your own.


Privatize Major Airports

I thought you might be interested in this story from the Toronto Star.

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Good Morning Northern Ontario Pilots
Please consider signing and supporting the move to stop the Collingwood turbines. We thought this had gone away but now it is back again.  These turbines will effectively destroy the Collingwood airport and if they are stopped it will help to prevent this from happening at other airports.
Please share this with  other pilots in your area
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Landing Fee's Kirkland Lake Airport

Just wanted to relay a bit of good news for the Kirkland Lake airport.  starting in January 2017 the Kirkland Lake Airport will be waiving landing fees if fuel is purchased.  One step in the right direction so far.

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Carole Cook recieves Copa for kids award


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100+ Copa for Kids club


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New link in the news and Copa for kids stats

New flight Captains message

Check out the link in News very interesting 

And Carol cooke has updated numbers for Copa for kids

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